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make me choose: lostdrews asked me steroline or stexi?

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…remind me that we were friends.

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You know what I just realized about this scene? Remember when Caroline told Stefan she would be his new sober sponsor after he and Elena broke up? Remember when she told him he could come to her with anything? Remember when she told him she would help him stay grounded?

Stefan’s relationship with Elena is, in multiple ways, an addictive relationship. I mean, this entire season has been about how they’re ‘drawn together’ by the universe (the universe which is actually just Markos being a sneaky bastard, or something). Since Stefan first laid eyes on Elena, his catchphrase was, “I need to know her.” This was literally the opening line to the show for two years.

That’s pretty intense. That’s verging on obsessive. And since the beginning, as the SE relationship dynamic has grown and changed, it became a crutch and an addiction in many ways (just as DE’s relationship is addictive in other ways).

So when Stefan has a dream about Elena, his drug he’s been trying to get out of his system, who does he call? He calls Caroline. She promised to be his sober sponsor. Out loud, that meant helping him not to become the Ripper again, but unspoken meanings? To Stefan, that means her helping him overcome Elena as well. That means helping him move on. And having white picket fence life dreams about his ex-girlfriend is not moving on, in his mind. So he goes to the one person he knows can and will help him through it.

Excuse me while I go deal with my feels.

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"Kevin and I both gasped and said 'He's our guy. He is our guy. Oh my god, he is our guy.' He was phenomenal. Frankly, I can only apologize to the world for it taking us that long to even realize how spectacular of an actor he is.” - Julie Plec on casting Paul Wesley 

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Stefan Salvatore impressing the fuck out of people


The vampire diaries meme » 2/6 Quotes

→”…What if Elena was the one? She was. And she will always be an epic love.”

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2x09 // 5x17

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